Purpose and Vision

What National Call to Prayer is attempting to accomplish through the Website.

National Call to Prayer has been in existence since 1979. NCTP established the National Prayer Embassy in Washington D.C. and was influential with the President’s Prayer Breakfast and Broadcasting the Daily Prayer Alerts (by fax machines) through out the 1990’s. NCTP has always been part of a “local church” or an assembly of believers for its support and spiritual covering.

NCTP has been focused on teaching, training, showing people about Prayer that involves their personal relationship with Jesus on a daily basis.

NCTP has published a book titled “Why Pray” that is in its eighth printing and several language translations. This book is also required reading by Dr. Peter Wagner of Fuller Theological Seminary.NCTP has taught people about The Purpose of Prayer – The Attitude of Prayer – The Four Stages of Prayer - The Power of Prayer and then witness The Evidence of Prayer.

NCTP has conducted more than a dozen “School of Prayer” training seminars across this country. There is now a Video session series that summarizes the week long “School of Prayer” teachings.

NCTP has experience using the best communications platform available to reach as many people as possible with the Good News of the Gospel of Christ. NCTP has gone from small groups, to congregations, to rallies, to tent meetings, to civic auditoriums, to fax machines, to radio broadcasts, to book printings, to 300,000 prayer-warriors.

Now NCTP will use the Internet for this latest call – The Million Men Mission to pray for the Spiritual Awakening of America! The format for accomplishing this call is to recruit 10 pastors from each U.S. city to select 10 men and commit to pray together.
They will make a Daily Declaration of Faith!

These 1,000 men cell groups will commit to each other that, “Prayer will be my first response and not my last resort on any subject matter”!

These men will go to the website – www.nationalcalltoprayer.org and pray in agreement for our families, our local churches, our military, and our national leaders! If any of these men do not have internet access, then those that have internet access can sign up those that don’t and share their resources by laptop and/or church computer. We only ask a minimal amount of information which is held in complete confidence and not shared with any organization or outside source. We are building a platform for instant  communication through email, cell phone, fax, and radio.

We want to collectively “Pray in Agreement” as quickly as possible!These praying men will first listen to the teaching on the website under Audio Resources labeled: 

“Calling Men to Prayer”.This is a general overview and a sharing of the vision.

Next, these men will review together (or separately) the six Video sessions under the “School of Prayer” icon on the website. These are labeled “Million Men Basic Training – Session #” These are absolutely FREE teachings in order to establish the common ground for the next phase of this mission.

Next, these men will set aside a specific time to pray together in the house of prayer – their local church. Capstone Church chose Monday nights for their men’s prayer meeting.

First it provides a common point to schedule this one local church assembly of believers.

Second it will provide a time set apart for the local church prayer group, not for social activities, but to earnestly seek first the Kingdom of God and His Right Way of doing things.

Third this concept will be replicated with many men's prayer groups across the country that are ALL Praying in Agreement and at what times they are in prayer.

During these prayer meetings we all will focus on these guidelines for prayer:

Standing in His Presence, these men should pray for God’s Kingdom principles in our lives today!

Men should pray for their families lives – spouse – children – grandchildren – brothers – sisters – aunts – uncles – parents – grandparents by calling their names and circumstances out loud and asking God to Divinely Intervene on their behalf.

Men should pray for their local church groups’ influence.

Men should pray for their business ventures successes.

Men should pray for their leaders (spiritual & secular) and those in authority.

Men should pray for the nation’s Spiritual Awakening!

Time to cover these prayers is NOT the requirement!

The fact that men praying in agreement with one another is the most
important aspect of this Mission.

When men get concerned about the things that God says are important, then miracles will happen!

By following the pattern of prayer as written in the Bible, then we give
Spiritual Authority for Supernatural Divine Intervention into the circumstances of our lives , here on earth. Amen?

Through the use of this Website, we will provide tools, teachings, and most important a consistent Daily Source of what the Lord God of Hosts is doing in the lives of His people. We will make FREE endorsements of those groups that are currently providing Prayer Ministries with common ground and similar efforts.

God’s House is always meant to be a place of prayer! We have made it something else – a place of teaching; a place of fellowship; a place of community services; and even a place of Worship. These are ALL good things for God’s House to be, however, we have neglected the “church” with the primary focus on PRAYER as Jesus instructed us to do in these scriptures:

Matthew 6:1-34  &  2Chronicles 7:14-16   &   Mark 11:17

National Call to Prayer is about the business of returning His House to the
Place of Prayer for the Glory of God Our Heavenly Father. As it is written in John chapter 17:

“Oh Righteous Father! The world has not known You, but I have known You; and these have know that You sent Me. And I have declared to them Your Name, and will declare IT, that the love with which You Loved Me MAY BE IN THEM, and I in them.”

We at NCTP will declare with our mouth, what we believe in our hearts for the Glory of God our Heavenly Father!

Amen & Amen !