Welcome to National Call To Prayer

National Call to Prayer was founded in 1979 by Dr. B. J. Willhite in response to a direct word for the Lord Jesus. In Dr. Willhite’s own words: “I was in my study on a Saturday Morning in the month of January 1979 when I heard the Lord say, I want you to call the nation to prayer...."

Since that day National Call to Prayer has grown to focus on three core areas: The Local Church, The Million Men Mission and the Rockland Foundation.

The Local ChurchThe Local Church

The local assembly of believers who prays together, worships together, and loves one another as we are commanded to do, THIS IS the Body of Christ.  Yes, we have many members, various functions, and different cells however, scripture is very clear that we are ALL ONE BODY! ... learn more

Million Men MissionThe Million Men Mission

We have been commissioned by God to enlist, equip and train ‘One Million Men’ to pray for revival, spiritual renewing, moral transformation and a spiritual awakening in this country.”  ... learn more

Teaching ResourcesTeaching Resources

We are excited to announce our new teaching resources section of our site.  We will begin releasing these audio and video resources mid January 2012 ... learn more