About Dr. Willhite


B. J., "Bob" Willhite was born July 14th 1928 at a little community, 5 miles
North of Eureka Springs, Arkansas called Elk Ranch. He attended a little country school where all eight grades met in one room. Dr. Bob stated, "I made "A's" in everything except penmanship. On all my report cards in penmanship I made "B's".

While attending this school he gave his heart to the Lord Jesus as did most
of the other students. When Bob was 14 his family moved to Delaware County, Oklahoma. Soon afterward he met Velma Robertson who became his childhood sweetheart. They grew up quickly in the war years of the ‘40's.  Bob joined the Army in 1946 immediately after he graduated from High School in Jay, Oklahoma. Bob then served in a Army Hospital Train Unit stationed in San Francisco, California. In September of 1947 he made a full commitment  of his life to the Lord as a young adult, and was honorably discharged when his enlistment came to an end December 31, 1947.Upon returning to Oklahoma he married Velma who had just turned 18 years old on January 17th 1948.They have been happily married since that day. Very soon they will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Bob Willhite answered the call to preach the Word of God July 12th 1949. Then two days later, on his 21st birthday he preached his first sermon at Topsy Assembly of God Church near Spavinaw, Oklahoma, and has been in school or in full time ministry ever since.

During these years of ministry he has been the pastor of 7 churches in 4 different states, and has serve 3 other churches as an Associate Pastor. While serving as Pastor of First Assembly of God Church in Kilgore, Texas; Bob believes that God gave him a specific work to "call the nation to prayer". Shortly after this prompting Bob met Larry Lea and shared this mission with him. These two men have worked together calling this nation to prayer most of the time since the late 1970's. Pastor Bob told Larry Lea that if Larry wanted to learn about prayer that he needed to do what Jesus did, rise early, a great while before dawn and seek first the Kingdom of God in prayer. Pastor Bob continues his daily practice of having early morning prayer with anyone that wants to join him at 6:AM at the church.

The House of Prayer is truly the Place of Prayer for Pastor Bob Willhite.

In 1986 while serving with Larry Lea at Church on the Rock in Rockwall, Texas, Pastor Bob Willhite was awarded and Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree by Dr. Oral Roberts, President of the University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 1988 Dr. Bob wrote his first major book called Why Pray? Which became required reading by Dr. Peter Wagner of Fuller Theological Seminary. This book Why Pray? was printed in English 8 times as well as several other languages. It deals with the question:

Why would a Sovereign God want His people to pray?

The same year Dr. Bob was sent, by God, to Washington, DC to establish the National Prayer Embassy where he served for four years under the first Bush administration. After turning this ministry over to younger leadership he resumed his travel and teaching ministry which has taken him to many different nations of the world.

The year 2003 brought a major change in direction. Dr. Bob was called to be interim pastor of a wonderful church in Fort Worth, Texas, founded by Jeff Wickwire as Church on the Rock of Fort Worth. This fellowship is now called Capstone Church and a link to their website is on the Endorsements page. After a year or so he was able to install one the elders of the church, Parkey Cobern as the Pastor. Pastor Parkey and the eldership of the church requested, that Dr. Bob continue to serve the church as one of its elders.

Dr. Bob has helped established a connection with a group of pastors in the common area of Fort Worth, Texas called - TarrantNet

This is a group composed of several denominations that have as their primary purpose to show their local congregations how the Body of Christ is suppose to work together. These men and women meet once a month at a neutral location and discuss ways to serve the local communities needs, without trying to get new members for their own church.

They recently held a "Back to School" program that gave away thousands
of school supplies, clothes, and items for children of ALL ages, for single moms, and those people that have a real desire to go to schools in the Tarrant County Texas area. This is not a local government run program,
but people gathering local resources and sharing with those neighbors that have real needs to fill, much like the churches in the Bible in Acts.

In May of 2007 Dr. Bob felt that God was calling him to raise up a million men with a mission of prayer for America. Only a few days later he was reunited with Larry Lea who also had received a similar prompting.
The two of them are now prayerfully engaged in this One Million Men Mission for America as shown on these web pages.

This Million Men Mission will show all men the Power of Prayer, the Attitude of Prayer, the four Stages of Prayer, and their Purpose of Prayer.

This Million Men Mission for America will share the EVIDENCE of Prayer and prove to all men that their daily prayers DO make a difference in their lives!