Prayer Outline

The Million Men Mission is to pray for the
Spiritual Awakening of America!

My Daily Declaration of Faith!

I am ONE of a MILLION MEN MISSION praying for America!
We are called, trained and equipped to frustrate the plan of Satan.
Our Captain is JESUS!
Our weapons are Mighty through God!
We will not fear. We will not retreat.
We cannot loose because WE WILL NOT QUIT!
The VICTORY was won by the SON for the GLORY of our FATHER!

Prayer will be my first response and not my last resort on any subject matter”!

During these prayer times we all should focus on these guidelines for prayer:

Standing in His Presence, these men should pray for God’s Kingdom
principles to be manifested in our lives today! 

Men should pray for their families lives – their spouse – their children – their grandchildren – their brothers – their sisters – their aunts – their uncles – their parents – their grandparents by calling their names and circumstances out loud and asking God to Divinely Intervene on their behalf TODAY!

Men should pray for their local church groups’ influence in our communities.

Men should pray for their business ventures successes that our labors may prosper.

Men should pray for their leaders (spiritual & secular) and those in authority
that they may have wisdom and spiritual insight and understanding for all
their decisions based on Your Truth.

Men should pray for the Spiritual Awakening in America! Lord help us not to be complacent and not weary in well doing! Galatians 6:9 

Time to cover these prayers is NOT the requirement! The fact that these men praying in agreement with one another is the most important aspect
of this Mission.

When men get concerned about the things that God says are important, then miracles will happen!

By following the pattern of prayer as written in the Bible, then we give Spiritual Authority for Supernatural Divine Intervention into the circumstances of our lives, here on earth. Amen?