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Today's Prayer Alert 03-05-2010

Date: Mar 5, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Who is your BEST FRIEND? King David wrote about his best friend in the Bible. In Psalms 139, David tries to convey the intimate close personal relationship that Almighty God has with each one of... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 03-04-2010

Date: Mar 4, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

How great is the Father’s LOVE for us? We cannot comprehend the length, breath, depth, nor height of God’s abundant Grace, Mercy and LOVE towards us. While reading a book by Martyn... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 03-03-2010

Date: Mar 3, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

In any competition there are rules. When we are in a long distance race, we must pace ourselves in order to complete the course. While watching the cross country skiers during the Olympics we see... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 03-02-2010

Date: Mar 2, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Times have changed in our country. Every meeting of Congress use to begin with prayer. The President use to attend the monthly “prayer breakfast” in Washington, DC. The previous... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 03-01-2010

Date: Mar 1, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

The Apostle Paul wrote to the church members of his day about the contrasts and comparisons between the “ways of the world” and the “ways of the Lord”. He proclaimed the... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-26-2010

Date: Feb 26, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Where are you today in your “walk” with the Lord?  Pastors, educators, missionaries, and good friends have all asked this question at one time or another. This thought process... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-25-2010

Date: Feb 25, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Here is a news report that is “interesting” to read: Last week a top United Nations climate change official resigned after only four years. There are 193 nations that are due to meet... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-24-2010

Date: Feb 24, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Our nation is made up of many individuals, most of whom trust in the Lord Jesus and walk in His Light. There are those children of disobedience that walk in darkness. The difference is evident by... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-23-2010

Date: Feb 23, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Many modern day prophets have made statements like, “If God does not judge America, He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” They proclaim that we are guilty of the very same... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-22-2010

Date: Feb 22, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

We believe that America must have a Spiritual Awakening – it is our only HOPE! Almighty God’s intervention into our lives through PRAYER is the answer, and not governments’ rules... ....

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