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Today's Prayer Alert 02-09-2010

Date: Feb 9, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

The people in America today are in somewhat similar situation like it was in Israel when Jehoshaphat was king. They were made aware of what was about to happen to them as a nation. They had a... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-08-2010

Date: Feb 8, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

The United States Congress voted and approved of a measure last week to raise the federal governments borrowings to over 14.3 TRILLION dollars. This means that every man, woman, boy and girl in... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-05-2010

Date: Feb 5, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him! – Psalm 147:1 The best song writer of his day, king David, put the words of his heart to a melody and... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-04-2010

Date: Feb 4, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Many of us listened to President Barrack Obama’s “State of the Union” speech last week. We may have wanted to hear him say something about his desire TO DO the Will of God for... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-03-2010

Date: Feb 3, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

We have heard and seen several “Pro-Choice” groups protesting about the running of a certain advertisement during the Super Bowl Game on Sunday. They have concluded that the subject of... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-02-2010

Date: Feb 2, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Recently, a certain scripture has been on my mind where the apostle Paul writes: I desire that the men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting – 1 Timothy... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 02-01-2010

Date: Feb 1, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Let us continue to pray for the people of Haiti, who are still dazed and confused from the effects of the earthquakes almost three weeks ago. We need to pray for parents that have lost children... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 01-29-2010

Date: Jan 29, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

David, the ancient king of Israel once wrote: “It is good to give thanks and praise unto the Lord our God Most High, to proclaim Your LOVE in the morning and Your Faithfulness at... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 01-28-2010

Date: Jan 28, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

It seems to be fairly obvious that politicians on both sides of the isle in Washington keep finding ways to blame each other for the problems we face in America today. Their “actions&rdquo... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 01-27-2010

Date: Jan 27, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, used his radio program “Washington Update”   to direct listeners towards The Salvations Army, Samaritan’s Purse... ....

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