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Today's Prayer Alert 12-11-2009

Date: Dec 11, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

Today is the eightieth birthday of my dear wife, a faithful follower of the Lord JESUS, and my loving and lovely wife of sixty-two years on January 17th, 2010.   Marriage is a wonderful... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 12-10-2009

Date: Dec 10, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

In a recent nationwide survey of adults’ spiritual beliefs conducted by the Barna Group, suggest that Americans who consider themselves to be Christians have a diverse set of beliefs. Many... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 12-9-2009

Date: Dec 9, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

In spite of all the evidence from scientific sources that keep telling us that there is little if any proof that global warming is caused by man. We have our President and others who by their... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 12-8-2009

Date: Dec 8, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

Persecutions of Christians seems to be the norm in parts of the world, where Islam is in control.  Jesus taught His followers to love those that hate them, to do good to those that spitefully... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 12-7-2009

Date: Dec 7, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

“Righteousness” exalts a nation while sin is a reproach to many people are words found in the Bible and those words are true. As a nation, we have disregarded the words of our Creator... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 12-4-2009

Date: Dec 4, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

In a news report about 1,300 people gathered at the Amarillo, Texas Civic Center and asked God to Bless and Guide them, as did other local, state and federal leaders. While many are turning away... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 12-3-2009

Date: Dec 3, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

From an article in Christian Newswire  the most recent ARI Survey found that 15% of the adult population in America does not identify with any religion and the number is growing. The... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 12-2-2009

Date: Dec 2, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

The US Bishops Conference reports that not only does the Senate Health Care Reform Bill provide Federal Funding for plans to cover ABORATIONS, but it also creates an unprecedented mandatory... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 12-1-2009

Date: Dec 1, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

On Friday before Thanksgiving more than 145 Christian Clergy, Ministry Leaders, and Scholars in Washington DC signed the “Manhattan Declaration”. A groundbreaking statement calling on... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 11-30-2009

Date: Nov 30, 2009
Author: Bob Willhite

In a news report from Bryan Texas November 10, 2009 District court Judge - J.D. Langley dissolved a temporary restraining order against Amy Johnson. She was a former worker at a Planned Parenthood... ....

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