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Today's Prayer Alert 07-09-2010

Date: Jul 9, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is only one thing we can do for God that He cannot do for Himself. We can express our Love for Him through spiritual worship. Our worship, when it is freely given... ....

Today's Prayer Alerts 07-08-2010

Date: Jul 8, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

A question for prayerful consideration today:  Why would we appoint a person to the highest court in our land that has never deliberated a legal trial as a judge?  This Presidential... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 07-07-2010

Date: Jul 7, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

How many of us believe that God’s Word is TRUE? Do we understand that what is written in the chapters of the Bible is there for our benefit?  How is it possible that we read about a... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 07-06-2010

Date: Jul 6, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

We have received some encouraging reports that 60 members of Congress were late to a “roll call vote”. These legislators were praying and seeking God’s Wisdom to cast a Biblical... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 07-05-2010

Date: Jul 5, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

According to news reports, Presbyterians are gathering this week to choose between two divergent paths. The one group seeks to change the churches’ definition of a marriage to a relationship... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 07-02-2010

Date: Jul 2, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

In the Bible we read: In EVERYTHING give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you – 1Thessalonians 5:18 We give thanks to God always for you all, making mention of you in... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 07-01-2010

Date: Jul 1, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

A major problem experienced by many Christians is doubt. We don’t doubt that God IS or that God CAN, we sometimes doubt our own faith. We believe that God Hears and Answers prayers. We are... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 06-30-2010

Date: Jun 30, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

We read in the book of Hebrews – Without FAITH it is impossible to please God  . . . . Because anyone who comes to God must believe that HE IS and that He is a rewarder of those who... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 06-29-2010

Date: Jun 29, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

It has been taught in certain schools that if you accept Caesar’s money, then you will spend that money according to Caesar’s rules. The fact is that any “Caesar” only has... ....

Today's Prayer Alert 06-28-2010

Date: Jun 28, 2010
Author: Bob Willhite

Jesus says to His Disciples and to us: Not everyone that says to me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that does the ‘will’ of My Father who is in heaven... ....

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