Today's Proclamation 07-08-2024

  • Jul 8, 2024
  • Michael Blank
  • Category: Prayer Alerts

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, what a wonderful long 4th of JULY weekend! AWESOME time of Family & Fun & Faith about America’s Future despite the evil that surrounds our government leaders. The so-called NEWS MEDIA has been “gaslighting” us for decades about Joe Biden and his mental dysfunctions. On the debate stage, we ALL could clearly see with our own eyes and ears that Joe Biden is NOT FIT to serve the office he “thinks” he is acting on! Sad to say, this was elder abuse for millions of Americans to watch and grieve because we now know that JOE isn’t running the Show!

This is an example of the story – The Emperor has NO Clothes!

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While Joe may be fully dressed, he is completely unaware of his surroundings! Many of us who have lived with family members know all too well what is happening with Joe Biden’s mental and physical state!


We the People can go into our Prayer Closets or our Prayer Chapels or our Church Sessions a PRAY for Almighty GOD’s Supernatural Divine Intervention and HEAL OUR LAND!


This banner has the phrase ‘An Appeal To Heaven’ across the top,” he continued, “a phrase our Founders took from the writings of John Locke, an influential English philosopher from the mid-1600s. Locke wrote a series of papers on ‘Natural Laws,’ stating that human rights originated with God, not with government.”

Locke made the case that when people have done everything humanly possible to experience those God-given Rights and have failed to do so, there remains but one option:

And where the body of the people or any single man, is deprived of their right, or is under the exercise of a power without right, and have no appeal on earth, then they have a liberty to appeal to Heaven…

He continued, “Lock’s phrase, ‘Appeal To Heaven,’ connotes that when all resources and the ability to attain justice on earth are exhausted, an appeal to earth’s ultimate Judge is the final recourse. This concept would become a foundational philosophy in American society, used even in the Declaration of Independence.”

George Washington and his contemporaries used the Appeal To Heaven phrase in America’s cause for freedom from Britain’s tyranny. Having exhausted all peaceful possibilities of experiencing the liberty they so desired, the colonists realized their only hope for freedom was through war. Yet with Britain’s great military, weaponry, and wealth, contrasted by the colonist’s dire lack of these resources, any military attempt to break free from British rule was preposterous, even laughable. Laughable, that is, unless Almighty God intervened.

The stance of the colonists was simple. Their Right to Freedom came from God; He would help them. “We will appeal to Heaven!” they declared.  And a flag was born.

Holy Spirit we PRAY in agreement as ONE NATION under GOD with Liberty & Justice for ALL!

Father, it is indeed remarkable the way You raised America up as a Voice in the earth. You did so knowing You would need her to be a trumpet of the Gospel to the ends of the earth. We have done so, and yet we have not experienced our finest hour in this regard. That is now coming.

We also are deeply impacted by knowing we were born under a movement of PRAYER, that it truly was through appealing to You that our Freedom was produced. You did this. And just as You have brought this flag, the “Appeal To Heaven” flag, out of hiding, we pledge to You that we will appeal once again. And we believe You will once again free us from oppression. You will free us from tyranny, the tyranny of evil forces of darkness that have enslaved us.

America shall be SAVED.

And so, Lord, we pray regarding this REVIVAL now coming forth. We ask for signs and wonders to abound. We pray for your church, the Ecclesia, to rise to the glorious level You speak of in scripture: a worthy bride for You and an expression of Your Authority in the earth. Make us an Ecclesia the gates of hell cannot prevail against. We call this forth in the Mighty Name of Jesus, and decree it shall be so - it shall not be stopped. We ask and declare this in the Name of the Lord Himself, Jesus Christ...Amen.


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Make this SO, Dear LORD, make this SO!