Today's Proclamation 02-15-2024

  • Feb 15, 2024
  • Michael Blank
  • Category: Prayer Alerts

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, we as Believers may not comprehend the awesome Presence of the LORD! His Holy Spirit is everywhere and at ALL times! We sometimes called them GOD moments! 

AS IT IS WRITTEN IN  Luke 24:35-48   &   John 20:19–23 &  Acts 1:3–5

Then the two from Emmaus told their story of how Jesus had appeared to them as they were walking along the road, and how they had recognized Him as He was breaking the bread.  And just as they were telling about it, Jesus Himself was suddenly standing there among them. Peace be with you, He said. But the whole group was startled and frightened, thinking they were seeing a ghost!

Why are you frightened?

Why are your hearts filled with doubt?

Look at My hands. Look at My Feet. You can see that it’s really Me. Touch Me and make sure that I AM not a ghost, because ghosts don’t have bodies, as you see that I do.

As He spoke, He showed them His Hands and His Feet. Still, they stood there in disbelief, filled with JOY and WONDER. Then He asked them,

Do you have anything here to eat?

They gave Him a piece of broiled fish, and He ate it as they watched. Then He said,

When I was with you before, I told you that everything written about Me in the law of Moses and the prophets and in the Psalms must be fulfilled.

Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures. And He said,

Yes, it was written long ago that the Messiah would suffer and die and rise from the dead on the third day.  It was also written that this message would be proclaimed in the Authority of His Name to ALL the nations, beginning in Jerusalem: ‘There is forgiveness of sins for all who repent.’

You are witnesses of ALL these things.

Dear ones, what IF you actually saw JESUS sitting at the breakfast table, the lunch counter, or the grocery store?  What IF His Presence was so real you could TASTE & SEE the LORD is GOOD and He IS everything He said He was and He IS and He is coming again to “receive” into His Kingdom?

This is possible when we take the time to LOOK for JESUS in ordinary peoples’ lives by what they SAY and watching what they DO towards one another. 

One of my favorite phrases is –

The JESUS in me LOVES the JESUS in you!

Just like His Disciples, we wrestle with doubts, fears, disbelief and yet we are filled to overflowing with child-like wonderment and JOY unspeakable FULL of HOPE all because of Him!

With Almighty GOD-Jehovah – ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Holy Spirit of TRUTH, we PRAY in agreement with Your Word in  Matthew 18:18-20

I also tell you this: If two of you agree here on earth concerning anything you ASK, my Father in Heaven will do it for you.  For where two or three gather together in My Name (delegated Authority), I AM there in the midst (among) them.



The Wedding Song by Noel Paul Stookey of Peter Paul & Mary fame.

I knew where to GO to get a Blessing. So, I honestly and openly PRAYED for the lyrics to this song and they came in a RUSH!  How would You - LORD manifest Yourself at Peter’s Wedding?

I AM now to be among you, at the calling of your hearts

Rest assured this troubadour is acting on your part

The UNION of your Spirits here has caused Me to remain

For whenever two or more of you are gathered in My Name



Paul Stookey – The Wedding Song!



According to Stookey the melody and the words [of "Wedding Song"] arrived simultaneously and in response to a direct prayer asking God how the Divine Presence could be present at Peter's wedding. Paul is a Christian and Peter is Jewish.

The first two lines of the song's second verse: "A man shall leave his mother and a woman leave her home/ And they shall travel on to where the two shall be as one", is largely a paraphrase of the text of Genesis 2:24: "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." Believing he could not take personal credit for composing "The Wedding Song", Stookey set up the Public Domain Foundation which since 1971 has received the song's songwriting royalties for charitable distribution.

Now you know the rest of the story!