Today's Pause for Prayer 09-04-2018

  • Sep 4, 2018
  • Michael Blank
  • Category: Prayer Alerts

Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a war raging in the heavenlies and we must DO our part for the Kingdom of God – Jehovah to be established in the earth.

Therefore do not let your good be spoken of as evil, for the Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but Righteousness and Peace and Joy in the Holy Spirit. For he, any person who serves Christ in these things is acceptable to God and approved by men and women around this world.

Therefore let us pursue the things (His Righteousness His Peace and His Joy) which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another.

Romans 14:16-18

We must be about the business of getting faithful men and women to be elected in public office in America, especially in this November 6th Election.

Please have your Sunday School Class members, and your small Home Groups participants, and your office co-workers who are willing to STAND in the gap to keep our freedoms from oppression and persecutions to register and to VOTE in the mid-term elections. Everyone you know in your sphere of influence must make a conscience decision and then take the actions to VOTE!

Not to VOTE is to allow the Socialist Democratic Party to regain control of Congress! Their agenda of ‘political correctness’ through ‘social justice’ must be stopped.

Holy Spirit of the Living LORD, we PRAY in agreement with Your Word that proclaims:

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness, for they shall be filled!

Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God!  Matthew 5:9

Blessed are those who are persecuted for Righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!

Amen and Amen!