Today's Pause for Prayer 06-22-2020

  • Jun 22, 2020
  • Michael Blank
  • Category: Prayer Alerts

Ladies and Gentlemen,  

We did this to ourselves!

This whole economic SHUTDOWN happened because we Believed a LIE!

2 million will DIE if we do not shelter in place and avoid ALL Human contact EXCEPT for “essential” people.

Who says that my LIFE is non-essential?

This reminds me of what GOD said to Adam & Eve in the Garden –

Who told you that you were naked?   Genesis 3:11

Because we chose to believe a LIE our actions were to DO what we thought was best course of action. Instead of Believing the TRUTH of GOD’s Word that:

NO weapon formed against us will prosper, and NO word spoken against us will come to past AND - NO plague will come near our dwellings.  Isaiah 54:17 & Psalm 91:10

It is AS IF GOD is saying to us today:

Who told you to be afraid of getting a virus?

Who told you to give up your RIGHTS that were given to us by GOD?

Who told you that EVIL is Good and Mercy & Truth are bad?

Who told you that you were RACIST?

Who told you that ONLY Black Lives Matter?


We humble ourselves before Almighty GOD – REPENT and ask His Forgiveness in these areas of our lives as sins of omission and commission. Our GOD-JEHOVAH is Sovereign – His is full of Mercy!

Heavenly Father – ABBA, we have left undone those things that You told us specifically TO DO, and we have done those things that You told us NOT to do! We have NOT Trusted You with our whole heart. We thought that our own strength could provide what we “think” we need in order to sustain our lives.

We REPENT and turn away from this wrong way of thinking and taking improper actions against our brothers and sisters in CHRIST!

LORD, have MERCY upon us and deliver us from the consequences of our National SINS! Almost EVERYONE is doing what they ‘think’ is right in their own eyes and not TRUSTING in GOD’s Divine Grace & His Supernatural Provision to Redeem us from demonic activities.

LORD, we have NOT been Good Stewards of the GIFTS You have so Freely given to us. We have taken for granted Your Protection and we have allowed these LIARS and Thieves and those that would DO our country HARM to go without REBUKE! No one has stood up to the members of news-media and exposed their false narratives and their race baiting LIES to provoke emotional blackmail & extortion for NOT doing what they say we must do.

LORD, we are STANDING on the Promises of Your Word and declare with our mouths in one accord:


Apart from YOU LORD, we can do no-good-thing. However:


A song by Jeremy Camp says - Keep me in the Moment – Jeremy Camp   LINK =

Singing Oh LORD, keep me in the moment.

Help me live with my eyes wide open,

Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me!

Singing Oh LORD, show me what matters!

Throw away what I’m chasing after

Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me!

Keep me in the moment - Keep me in the moment - Keep me in the moment! 

I’ve been thinking bout Heaven and the Promises You hold               Nothing is wasted when everything's placed in Your Hands

Amen and AMEN!