Sunday Morning Reflections July 2020

  • Jul 5, 2020
  • Michael Blank
  • Category: Prayer Alerts

How to fix what’s Broken in America – Lance Wallnau

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This Lance Rewind is from the 2018 Values Voter Summit, and I want to talk to you about a great Bible story that really showed me something.

For years I couldn't understand how it is that Christians are supposed to engage culture, when in so many ways, we're trying to keep ourselves from being contaminated by culture, while being called to be an influence in it.

Luke Chapter 4 (LINK= Luke 4:5-8) told me something I hadn't thought about. When Jesus was taken by Satan to the mountain of temptation, Satan showed him all of the kingdoms of the world in a moment in time. I realized from reading that verse that it said Kingdoms plural. Not just one, it's different spheres that are kingdoms. So the power that we have in our unique system in America is that somebody may be the devil's choice, but our belief is we can PRAY for God to raise up leaders and that if we participate in their governing, then the devil gets frustrated because we now can fight back!

That's the battle over supreme court justices. That's the battle over politics. You can literally see wherever there's a fight over this conceptual real estate, there must be some kind of spiritual warfare involved, there must be some vast value in these territories, that Christians have surrender to the devil and his minions.

7 mountains are the kingdoms of this world – We might have 2 mountains with our influence. However, we 5 kingdoms of this world working day & night against us!


Jesus says to Teach & Preach His Kingdom to ALL NATIONS, not just one nation.

Making Disciples of ALL NATIONS.

Bible LINK = Matthew 28:18-20


There will be a reckoning soon between Sheep Nations and Goat Nations!

Bible LINK = Matthew 25:31-34


Will America be a SHEEP Nation or will America be a GOAT Nation?

We must BE about our Heavenly Father’s Business of Discipling ALL NATIONS.

PLEASE LISTEN to these two important YouTube videos and take notes that prove what the Bible is saying about our Life & Times in this season.