Improve them or Remove them!

  • Oct 17, 2008
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Here is the story about Desmond Higgs and the Prayer Lessons in Australia.

During a face to face interview with Pastor BJ Willhite in 1990, Desmond Higgs told this story about men agreeing in Prayer for those in authority of
their government. Des heard the Lord call him to raise up 10,000 men of Australia to pray for the government of that nation. Des was a businessman who knew how to motivate people. He sent out a call through the news media calling men to pray. The media laughed until suddenly long time members of parliament resigned, for no apparent reason. Some died as these men prayed "Improve them or remove them." Des called these praying men to come to the capital city of Australia to pray together and 40,000 men showed up! Then the media began to ask, "Who's on the hit list now?" Of course Des answered, "No one is on a hit list! We want our law makers to improve, but if they will not improve, we are asking God to remove them."

Let the record show that God did remove several key people who would not improve their public witness and did not renounce their evil acts.

Recently, another call has been issued. Now, they are calling 1,000,000 people to pray for God's intervention in their nation. Des is a key man in what is happening now in the land down under.

Praise the Lord for men committed to praying for their country.

Here is a LINK to the website with information about Desmond Higgs:

Here is a LINK to a PDF File summary of his most recent call:

Our website whole heartily endorses these Prayer Ministries and joins with
these men and women of faith as we "Seek First the Kingdom of God and
HIS Righteousness, and then all these things will be added to us."
Matthew 6:33

Amen & Amen!